Cousine Island

One of the smallest of the granite islands in the Seychelles, Cousine Island offers an small island experience with complete privacy found in very few places on earth. Situated off the coast of Praslin, the Cousine Island is a restricted nature reserve, home to many of the Seychelles’ native birds such as the critically endangered Magpie Robin, as well as a variety of endemic flora and fauna.

As conservation is of utmost importance, access is via helicopter. Only five villas were built on the island to maximize privacy and comfort, as well as reduce the footprint of people on the reserve.

Cousine Island’s chefs prepare meals to order, satisfying each guest’s individual taste. Cousine’s main dining area is in the Pavilion, overlooking the freshwater swimming pool, and offers dazzling views of the Indian Ocean and neighboring. A popular activity entails island walks with the resident ecologist.


  • Only 5 villas on the island
  • Conservation is key on Cousine Island
  • Rare birds inhabit the island



Luxury Villa

Presidential Villa