Uga Chena Huts

Nestled in the perfect location bordering Yala National Park, renowned for boasting the highest concentration of leopards on the planet, Uga Chena Huts offers guests an unparalleled wildlife experience in Sri Lanka. Embark on twice-daily game drives to encounter majestic elephants, elusive sloth bears, leopards, and other diverse species, guided by expert rangers who strive to make your safari adventure unforgettable. Spread over 18 acres of picturesque beachfront property, Uga Chena Huts is our top pick for Indian Ocean safari getaways.

Luxurious villas, the most spacious in the region, each feature a separate bedroom, cozy sitting area, well-appointed bathroom, private deck, and private pool. Indulge in exquisite culinary and beverage offerings and refreshing beverages while unwinding at our spa, or make a splash in the resort’s main swimming pool. With a commitment to personalized service, exquisite culinary and beverage offerings, a lovely spa, and large main swimming pool, it’s no wonder that Uga Chena Huts is sought after as the most desirable destination in Sri Lanka.


  • Best Sri Lankan Safari Lodge
  • World’s Highest Leopard Concentration
  • Luxurious Pool Villas
  • Knowledgeable Safari Guides


Luxury Cabin