Niyama Private Islands

Located in the Dhaalu atoll, Niyama Private Islands is a 40 minute seaplane flight from the airport. The resort is situated over two idyllic islands, one island offers guests with a romantic Maldivian escape, while the second island caters to families with a variety of family friendly activities. Together the islands create a wide range of activities, villa types, and dining options.

A unique restaurant complex freestanding a half mile out in the lagoon contains a fine-dining overwater restaurant and bar as well as an underwater restaurant – Subsix – one of our favorite lunch venues in the Maldives. Back on the islands, restaurants include a treetop restaurant, an African cuisine restaurant, and multiple restaurants  along the beach. Niyama Private Islands is the only resort that has underwater, overwater, treetop, beachfront, and rooftop dining and drinking venues.

Modern, contemporary, and luxurious decor in the beach and overwater villas ensure guests enjoy the rooms just as much as the facilities. The surf center, dive center, watersports, and land based activities are great for those that want to be active throughout the day.


  • Underwater restaurant and bar
  • Spread over two islands, one romantic and one family-friendly
  • Great surfing
  • Unique restaurants



Water Studio with Pool

Beach Studio

Beach Studio with Pool

Deluxe Water Studio with Pool

Family Beach Suite with Pool

One Bedroom Beach Pavilion with Pool

One Bedroom Water Pavilion with Pool

Three Bedroom Family Beach Pavilion with Pools

Two Bedroom Beach Pavilion with Pool

Two Bedroom Ocean Pavilion with Pool