Baglioni Resort Maldives

Embarking on a serene 45-minute seaplane journey, you reach the stunning Baglioni Resort Maldives, nestled in the secluded Dhaalu Atoll. Here, luxurious villas, each displaying exceptional Italian craftsmanship and located on the beach or overwater, are harmoniously blended with the island’s natural beauty. The resort is set on the island of Maagau, promising a paradisiacal vacation framed by azure waters and lush tropical greenery.

Indulge in a diverse dining experience with gourmet cuisine from around the globe, be it the authentic Italian flavors at GUSTO, exquisite Japanese creations at UMAMI, or a vibrant international buffet at TASTE. The spa and fitness areas complement the luxurious stay, ensuring relaxation and wellness. To further enrich your vacation, an array of activities from beach games to water sports invite you to explore and revel in the stunning surroundings.


  • Maldives style with an Italian flair
  • Very nice restaurants
  • Secluded, remote location


Water Villa with Pool

Water Villa

Two-Bedroom Beach Suite with Pool

Deluxe Beach Villa with Pool

Sunset Water Villa

Two-Bedroom Family Beach Villa with Pool

Deluxe Beach Suite with Pool

Sunset Beach Villa with Pool

Grand Baglioni Maldives Villa

Beach Villa