Family Fun

Resorts focus more on ensuring families enjoy their vacations now than ever before. We’ve seen a dramatic shift in the last few years towards making resorts family-friendly. Now entire programs are customized for the entire family. Below are our current favorite resorts for families.

School breaks are a popular time to travel with children. Booking in advance over school holidays leads to the best rates. Traveling over Easter break is often less expensive than traveling over Christmas/New Years. Summer is a great to travel to Maldives and Seychelles as rates are lower and the weather is usually quite nice. Summer can be very warm in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, though if you choose a beach resort during these months, there is excellent value for money.
We specialize in sending travelers to luxury resort in each of our destinations. While all our resorts are luxurious, we differentiate resorts based on the style of luxury with some being a more casual barefoot luxury, others being a traditional elegant luxury, and many being more modern lifestyle oriented resorts. In each of these styles, there are resorts that cater to families and our knowledgeable team will take you through the best options based on your preferences and desires.
Children who love being in the water are well suited for the calm ocean waters of the Maldives. Learning to snorkel and dive with a marine biologist while learning about marine life is a lifelong lesson. Many resorts cater to families with spacious villas and personalized activities for families and children. Seychelles is ideal for children who enjoy nature. With large Aldabran tortoises and unique bird and plant life, along with the World’s largest coconuts, families have a wonderful time hiking and exploring. Families desiring a wide range of activities such as waterfalls, golfing, bicycling, and water sports will love Mauritius. Dubai offers an endless amount of activities from aquariums, to water parks, to viewing fancy cars, to amusement parks, to swimming in the ocean; there is something for every child in Dubai. Children interested in learning about camels, massive sand dunes, falcons, and eagles are a perfect match for desert resorts of Abu Dhabi.


Discover a few of our favorite resorts for families.