Food and drinks are an important part of every vacation. We spend a lot of time at each resort meeting with chefs and bartenders learning about the passion they put into dishes and drinks. Below is a selection of our current favorite restaurants in each destination. These restaurants are worth seeking out when in the area.

Each of our destinations benefit from good air access so fresh ingredients are brought in daily. Local ingredients further add to resorts offer amazing food and drinks. Dining is great year-round as resorts source the best food from various locations around the World. The Dubai food festival runs from February 22, 2018 to March 10, 2018 and is a fun way to experience flavors from around the World, especially from the Middle East.
Foodies: You know who you are, and you’ll seek out the best dishes in any city! Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius also appeal to seafood, fish, and shellfish fans as each day brings a fresh catch. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have an increase in celebrity chefs creating World-class meals.
Maldives – Line caught tuna is the specialty of the Maldives. A little-known fact is locals eat tuna in almost every meal. Fresh reef fish and a large variety of seafood are caught fresh and served at resorts. Dining in underwater restaurants in the Maldives is a unique concept. Seychelles – Fish cooked with spices and served with rice is a staple dish in the Seychelles. A sought after local dish is fruit bat curry! We like the local Seybrew Lager which goes down nicely on hot days. Mauritius – With influences from India, France, and Africa, food is taken seriously in Mauritius and resorts offer some of the highest quality and best composed dishes of any island country in the World. Dubai – Fresh produce is flown in daily from all around the World. As Emirates fly’s almost everywhere, Dubai receives the best quality ingredients fresh from most places around the globe every day. Abu Dhabi – Fresh produce is also flown into Abu Dhabi daily from many key cities around the World. A recent focus on dining has increased the number of tasty restaurants in the city. Emirates Palace leads the way for foodies with so many great options.


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